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AI & Machine Learning solutions with impact

Smart AI Solutions is an advice and development agency specialized in developing complex artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for social purposes.


Complex artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is often applied by large corporate organizations but often remains inaccessible to social organizations. We strive to make the benefits of artificial intelligence also available to social organizations such as municipalities, provinces, education and healthcare organizations, so that this complex technology can also be used to solve social problems.

Our Services

Our services

We develop artificial intelligence solutions that make a positive contribution to society.

Model & Algorithm development

We can develop complex machine learning and artificial intelligence models. Our team is able to develop versatile models. Whether it concerns predicting time series, making recommendations, speech recognition models or models developed forspecific use cases in your organization. We have the expertise to develop models and algorithms that meet the needs of your organization.

Infrastructure development 

We have deep expertise in setting up scalable Machine Learning & AI infrastructures, both on-premises and on cloud platforms such as the Google Cloud Platform, AWS or Azure.

In addition to developing a model or algorithm a complex infrastructure must also be developed that supports the developed modelsupports. This includes monitoring theperformance of the model in production, detecting data problems such as drift and data consistency and other factors that can undermine the accuracy of the developed model in production.

Strategic advice

We can provide strategic advice for companies and organizations that want to gain insight into how and for which processes artificial intelligence can be of value. We can advise on which processes or use cases your company or organization can best focus.


AI Analysis

It is important that artificial intelligence models are fair and do not contain hidden discrimination. We always analyze the models we develop in depth to ensure that they are fair. We can also conduct external audits for models developed by third parties.


We can provide tailor-made training and workshops to your employees in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These training courses and workshops can be intended for a non-technical audience or for a technical audience. We can provide tailor-made training courses in close consultation with your organization.

Concept development

We can work together withemployees within your organization concepts anddeveloping ideas that use artificial intelligencetechnology. We can provide guidance and supervise the concept development phase so that your...organization faster andcan more efficiently bring concepts from idea to reality. Through our in-depth knowledge of AI & Machine Learning allows us to enter the concept development phaseefficient and guide with focus.

Have you become curious?

If youhave become interested in some Smart AI Solutions for your socialorganization, you can always call us on 050 234 0087 or email You can also fill in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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